Since 1997 Excel Eltech Design Center has been offering a range of services in the field of design and production of Integrated Circuits. The Services range from feasibility studies, consultancy and initial specification, modeling, design in VHDL or Verilog, FPGA/ASIC implementation, simulation and verification, up to delivery of approved production volumes. Excel Eltech has adequate experience in System on Chip (SoC) design, including the integration of analog parts, sensors and other IP blocks. The company maintains  top  bill design tools infrastructure. Excel Eltech is an expert in multi vendor design flow. Application expertise is focused on graphics, image processing and medical image visualization. Special services include outsourcing of designers, customer training such as design flow, VHDL / Verilog and the supply of specialized standard components.

bullet Services offered are:
  • ASIC Design
  • Digital, Analog and Mixed Signal
  • Front-end-designs in VERILOG and VHDL
  • Synthesis to Target Libraries
  • Test-Vector Generation
  • Design Verification
  • DFT Services for Existing Blocks
  • Layout and Back-End-Design
  • Ship-Tape to target Foundries
bullet and :
  • Chip Verification
  • FPGA Customization
  • Cell Library
  • Synthesis to Target Libraries
  • Foundry Specific cell Library Development
  • Foundry services
  • Tape to chip service
  • Turnkey Solution
  • Defining specs to chip service
bullet Capabilities of ASIC design Engineers :
  • Digital design-Front-end design, full custom design, Back-end design, Test Vector Generation, Testing of Chips
  • Analog design-Designs using Standard Cells Front-end, layout, testing
  • Mixed Signal-Using Standard Cells
  • RF-capabilities upto 93 GHz

A fabless company, specializes in mixed-signal IC design, ASIC design, full custom, semi-custom, standard cell based, systems on a chip SOC), hard and soft IP transfers and FPGA, with digital, analog, mixed signal and RF capabilities. We offer cost effective IC design as well as IP development services in CMOS technology. Our geographic location allows us to design at very competitive pricing. Samples of hard IP transfer work: 1394, RSA, sigma-delta modulator, neural-net engines, fiber optic preamplifier, etc.

Capabilities of Design Centre :

  • Asic Feasibility
  • bullet
    Our feasibility studies cover the complete development cycle from concept, technology choice, requirements, cost and schedule ... providing you with a dependable, realistic development plan. This plan will not only help to steer up your business investment decisions, but also assist you in communicating the benefits of your project to your management and/or your customers, which will increase their confidence in your abilities to deliver successful products.
  • Circuit Design
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    With years of experience using “top-down” design methods, we can assist you in decomposing your ASIC requirements into small functional blocks that can be easily understood. We can design functional blocks if needed, however, we have hundreds of functional blocks that have been proven in production and can be re-used if appropriate. Each functional block, selected or designed, is then simulated over process cases and temperature to ensure that performance requirements will be consistently met in high volume production. Finally, simulation results as well as non-simulable effects for the completed ASICs are reviewed and a detailed chip layout plan is proposed to ensure the layout to meet your needs, and be completed on schedule
  • Chip Layout
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    Using standardized heights, row pitches, and power supply busing, AMPEL produces very modular and flexible layouts that are assembled in minimum time with minimal errors, hence facilitating the Layout Versus Schematic (LVS) checking and achieving first-time silicon success. AMPEL complements commercial CAD tools with its internal proprietary CAD tools that can be adjusted quickly for special needs. In this way, labor-intensive error prone activities are avoided, resulting in lower risk, as well as savings of time and money, to you.
  • Wafer and Package Testing
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    All of our wafer and package testing is designed for 100% fault coverage. The tests are defined with a series of test conditions, with each test condition defining the state of every pin in terms of voltage, current and loading. The tested pin’s voltage or current measurement is compared to test limits obtained from the simulations described in the “Circuit Design” section. In that the ASIC is also simulated in the system application with the same case models as the test requirements, functionality in the system is assured. Testing is performed with custom modular test equipment that can easily be adapted to many special needs, such as high voltages, high currents, mixed-signals, etc., to meet your special needs. You can be confident of the performance of the ASICs that ennoble your system.
  • Packaging
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    In that AMPEL’s main expertise is in electronics, items such as packing (which is primarily mechanical in nature) are outsourced. We have experience with several packaging houses, and can work with any package house of your choice. Our ICs have been packaged in plastic dual in line (DIL), quad flat packs (QFP), and ceramic packages of various pin configurations.
  • Fabrication
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    In that AMPEL’s main expertise is in electronics, items such as wafer processing (which is primarily chemical in nature) are outsourced. We have experience with several wafer fabrication facilities (FABs), and can work with any package house of your choice. FAB used include junction isolated complimentary bipolar up 10 to 90 volts, dielectric isolated DMOS up to 300 volts, and BiCMOS 5 to 10 volts, and Ft up to 20 GHz.