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In line with our zeal for continued efforts towards customer satisfaction, we have the newly launched Online Trading facilities.

Component Trading being with its nuances, the need at all times is to have a quick turn-around between the Customers and the Vendors. Right when the Customer needs information about availability and pricing, the vendor should be in a position to provide that information. Vendors need the right platform for making information available to Exceleltech as and when there is a need for this information. We assure customer, vendor relations amiable.

Exceleltech has initiated the process of getting this information available right there online, for the customers and vendors.

The Mantra of Exceleltech has always been, complete transparency with the Customers and Vendors. The Online Trading site is instituted with just that Open Trading Online philosophy and this shall make the interaction with Exceleltech a pleasurable experience. All functions that have been done till today by Exceleltech's Customers and Vendors are all available online.

Customers' Section and Vendors' Section provide all these facilities.

The Open Trading Online facility offers different services for the Customers and Vendors. The endeavor of Exceleltech has not stopped with providing a part search facility online. It has gone to the extent of providing a facility for keeping track of everything that they are doing with Exceleltech.

Customers can login into their account with Exceleltech and literally do all their transactions through the web site. Finding parts available, posting an RFQ, Receiving a quote, Following their POs, Tracking of Order Processing, Shipment Tracking and Accounts Tracking is all possible from the same login. As and when any transaction processing is being done, the Customers are intimated about the process that is going on. This would ensure that the Customer and Exceleltech can be in continuous synchrony with each other, making sure the needs of both are met in the most optimal way.

Exceleltech believes in setting new standards in the level of service to customers and satisfaction to vendors too.

The introduction of this new Paradigm of OPEN TRADING ONLINE, Exceleltech has set a new trend in the Electronics Component Trading Industry. Only companies that are able to keep up with this new paradigm shall be given a special position among the Customers and Vendors.

Its not just the Customers who have been taken care of in this Open Trading Online. Vendors can login to keep track of the RFQs that they have received from Exceleltech, their own Quotes, the Purchase orders from Exceleltech, the status of Material Receipt at Exceleltech, the Account Receivables from Exceleltech, and various payments that have been made, till that moment when the vendor is online.

Never before, doing business with Exceleltech, for that matter with any other company, has been so easy and pleasurable.