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Semiconductors- Ics
  Asynchronous SRAM
  Synchronous SRAM
  Non-Volatile EEPROM
  Dynamic RAM (SDRAM and Synchronous Graphics RAM)
  8-Bit Micro controllers (80C51, 80C32 and 89C52 families)
  High density FPGAs
Capacitors for Space and Military Applications
  MIL-PRF-55681 "S" Level
  SMPS / Stacked Capacitors
  Military Axial Monolythic Capacitors
  Military Radial Monolythic Capacitors
Telemetry Products
  PCM bit synchronizer
  PCM Decommutator
  Dynamic PCM Simulator
  IRIG Time Code Reader
Communications Systems and Equipment 
  Antennas & Masts 
    HF, VHF, UHF and GPS Antennas and Masts
    Mobile Antenna Masts
    Telescopic Masts and Mast Accessories
  TAC-200 & TAC-300 ATM Concentrators
  NRZ to CDI converters
  HF Radio Communication Systems
  GPS/DGPS NAVSTAR Satellite Equipment
  VHF Tactical Communication System
  Multiplexers and Ancillaries: Satplex/2 Multiplexer
  Tactical Radio Relay subsystems
  LOS & HCLOS Transceivers for Tactical Digital Radios
  Inductive Receivers for Discreet Communications