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  Honeywell Solid State Electronics
  Integrated Device Technology
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  Mitel Semi
  National Semi
  Philips Semiconductors
  Texas Instruments
  Vishay Siliconix
Capacitors for Space and Military Applications
  Advanced Monolythic Ceramics, Inc
  Capacitor Industries
  Chicago Condenser Corporation
  Dearborn Electronics
  Marco Manuf. Co. Inc.
  Maxwell Technologies
  MicroMetrics, Inc
  Presidio Components Inc
  Sprague Goodman
  Temex Components
Telemetry Products
  AACOM Systems
  Accumetrics Associates, Inc.
  Adcon Telemetry
  Advanced Telemetrics International - ATi
  Aero Telemetry Corporation
  Allied Signal Aerospace
  AmeriCAD Systems, Inc.
  American Technologies, Inc.
  Andrew Corporation
  Arbiter Systems, Inc.
  Ashtech Inc.
  ATX Technologies, Inc.
  Avcan Global Systems Inc.
  Avionics West, Inc.
  Badgett Industries Inc.
  BITRONICS, Inc. AVL Management Systems
  California Eastern Laboratories
  Canadian Marconi Company
  CANSEL - Canadian Survey Equipment
  C-Map USA
  Communication Systems International Inc. (CSI)
  CompassCom, Inc.
  Corvallis MicroTechnology, Inc. (CMT)
  Criticare Systems Inc.
  CSE Computronics Ltd.
  CSL CommTech Ltd.
  Dan Bobyn Engineering Ltd.
  Datalink International, Inc.
  DCS Corp.
  DeLorme Mapping
  Delta Microwave
  Digital Telemetry Systems
  Dorne & Margolin, Inc.
  Eagle Electronics
  EnviroTrac Technologies
  Etak, Inc.
  ETE, Inc.
  FieldWorker Products Limited
  Fugro N.V.
  Fugro Starfix (Europe) AS
  Garmin International
  GEC Plessey Semiconductors
  Gemini Positioning Systems Ltd.
  GeoLine Positioning Systems, Inc.
  Geometrix AS
  GeoSpatial Solutions Pty. Ltd.
  Géosysthmes Inc.
  Geotronics AB
  Gigatron Associates Limited
  GPS City
  Greenfield Associates
  GTS - Global Telemetry Systems
  Hans Trautenberg Software Consulting
  Holst-Webster Enterprises
  Honeywell Commercial Aviation Systems
  Horita Company
  Horizons Technology, Inc.
  Horyzont-KPG Ltd.
  Houston Geoscan, Inc.
  Hydrografix Overseas Consultancy Service.
  Hyperdyne Inc.
  II Morrow Inc.
  Innovative Technologies
  Intelligent Databases International Ltd.
  James Associates
  JCA Technology, Inc.
  Jensen's Catalog Sales
  John E. Chance & Associates, Inc.
  Just SoftWorks, Inc.
  K&L Microwave, Inc.
  Knauff and Grove Soaring Supplies
  Knook Electronic Systems
  L.A.S. Systems, Inc.
  L3 Communications
  Lambda Tech International, Inc.
  Larson Systems, LLC.
  Leica Inc.,
  Liikkuva Systems International, Inc. (LSI)
  Location Technologies
  Lowe Electronics Ltd.
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  Magellan Systems Corp.
  Manning NavComp
  Marfor Equipment Ltd.
  Mathew Vangel and Associates
  Megapulse, Inc.
  Mercat, Inc.
  Midwest Traffic Products, Inc.
  MPN Components
  Navigation Data Systems, Inc.
  Navitrak Corp. and Navimap Corp.
  Navstar Systems Ltd. (NavSymm)
  NAVSYS Corporation
  Navtech Seminars and GPS Supply, Inc.
  NCS International Inc.
  North Coast Resource Management
  North Valley Land & Timber (NVLT)
  Northstar Technologies
  NovAtel Communications Ltd.
  Omnistar, Inc.
  Outland Technology Inc.
  Paccomm Packet Radio Systems, Inc.
  Pacific Crest Corporation
  PCI Enterprises Inc.
  Pelorus Navigation Systems, Inc.
  Philips Electronics N.V.
  Philsar Electronics Inc.
  PinPoint Tracking Systems, Ltd.
  Precision Navigation/CSL CommTech Ltd.
  Pro Tech Monitoring, Inc.
  Pulsearch Navigation Systems Inc.
  Racal Avionics Limited
  Racal Survey USA Inc.
  Radio Satellite Corporation
  Raytheon E-Systems
  Resource Industry Associates
  RF Globalnet
  Ritron, Inc.
  Rockwell Aerospace and Defense (Boeing North American Inc.)
  Rockwell Collins Avionics and Communications Division
  Rockwell International Corp.
  Satloc, Inc.
  Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC)
  Sea Information Systems (SIS) Ltd.
  Sextant Avionique
  Siemens Automotive
  Silva Group
  SiRF Technology, Inc.
  Skyforce Avionics Ltd.
  Sony Corporation of America
  Southeastern Reprographics Inc.
  Starlink Inc.
  Stellar Navigation Systems Inc.
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  Sunninghill Systems
  Sutron Corporation
  Swagur Enterprises
  TAL Technologies, Inc.
  TeleType Company
  Telson Communications Inc.
  Tendler Cellular
  Terramatic Technology Inc.
  The Aerospace Corporation
  The Brunton Company
  The Great All Outdoors Trading Company
  Topcon America Corp.
  Tri-M Systems Inc.
  Trimble Navigation Ltd.
  TriQuint Semiconductor, Inc.
  Tristani Management and Engineering Company
  TrueTime, Inc.
  TT Designs
  TurboNET Communications Engineering
  Unidata America
  University Technologies International, Inc.
  W Clark & Associates, Ltd.
  Waypoint Consulting Inc.
  Wingra Data Systems
  WR, Inc.
Communications Systems and Equipment
  Harris Corp
  Shakespeare Company
  Electro-comm Distributing, Inc.
  Will-Burt Company / Mast & Lighting Division
  Max-Gain Systems, Inc.